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Probate NSW | Specialist Probate Service in New South Wales

Navigating the Probate process in New South Wales can be daunting and time-consuming. Executors are tasked with applying for Probate through the Supreme Court and administering their loved one’s estate according to the wishes set out in their Will.

With high Probate Fees in NSW and various ways to make the application, aligning with the right pathway is crucial, significantly shaping your family’s experience through this important process.

Probate Consultants provides a seamless, innovative, and affordable service to families who want to apply for Probate NSW as Self-Represented Applicants (SRAs). Our Co-Founders Thomas and Naomi Torcello reimagined the application journey for SRAs guaranteeing a client experience that is not only streamlined but deeply personal and supportive.

By collaborating with our clients we increase efficiency and ensure optimal lead times. This novel approach allows us to reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Why Choose Probate Consultants In New South Wales?

probate service in New South Wales

Expert Guidance:

Our team of Probate specialists offers SRAs comprehensive support for Probate NSW ensuring the process of obtaining a Grant of Probate is easy and stress-free.

Tailored Solutions:

We understand that every Application for Probate NSW is a unique journey and provide a personalised service to meet your distinct needs.

Convenient Process:

Our Online Probate Application NSW is a straightforward solution that simplifies the process, making it convenient and seamless.

Transparent Pricing:

Probate Fees in NSW are some of the highest in Australia. This is true of the Court Fees and for lawyers charging on the Scale. Our Fees are clear and completely fixed, ensuring no surprises.

Applying for Probate in New South Wales

Generally speaking, applying for Probate in New South Wales involves:

Step 1

Collecting the necessary documents and information for the application.

Step 2

Completing the application online via the Supreme Court’s Probate Platform.

Step 3

Signing the application documents with a Qualified Witness (ie Justice of the Peace).

Step 4

Lodging the application with the Supreme Court of NSW.

  • The Probate Notice (advertisement) is automatically published when the application is lodged online
  • The Court will only review the application once the Probate Notice has been published for at least 14 days

Our Probate Service in New South Wales


Specialist Probate Assistance:

If you align with the SRA pathway, Probate Consultants will guide you through the Application for Probate NSW every step of the way. Once you have received the Grant of Probate, you can move forward with the administration and distribution of the estate.

Estate Administration:

Whilst our role ends when Probate is granted, your Dedicated Consultant remains available to support you in any way they can.

DIY Probate Guidance:

Our website is a premium resource for information about Probate NSW, Deceased Estates and Estate Administration. Whilst we exist to assist SRAs navigate the Probate process, many executors leave our site feeling empowered to navigate the application independently.
Probate service discussion in probate consultant office

If you are wondering “How Long Does Probate Take in NSW?” or “Can You Apply for Probate Without a Solicitor?” we are confident you will find our blogs useful.

Specialist Consultancy Service

Get Probate the easier way with Australia’s highest rated Probate Solution

$1,888 inc GST: Conventional Applications
$2,288 inc GST: Complex Applications

+ Court Fees

What You Get:

  • Consultation with a Probate Specialist
  • One, simple webform to complete
  • Advertisement (Notice) published
  • Documents ready within 24 hours
  • Guided document signing and lodgement
  • Support with Court questions (requisitions)
  • Grants of Probate received fast
  • Ongoing support and guidance after Probate granted


Probate and LOA granted fast with our streamlined application process.


Affordable Fees that are transparent and completely fixed, regardless of the value of the estate.


Ease is personal so we tailor the application process to your needs ensuring a seamless experience start to finish.

Probate Applications consist of the following documents:

  • Summons for Probate
  • Affidavit of Executor(s)
  • Certified Copy of Death Certificate
  • Inventory of Assets
  • Supplementary Affidavits (if any)
  • Original Will (marked)

Once an application for Probate is lodged with the Supreme Court of NSW, it is reviewed within 10-12 weeks. This timeframe includes the mandatory 14-day advertisement period.

If the application is approved, the Grant of Probate is issued immediately and is accessible online via the Court’s Probate Platform. If, however, there is an issue with the application, the Court will raise a requisition that must be answered before Probate is granted.

Probate in New South Wales can be daunting. If you would like assistance with a Probate application in Sydney, contact us today for a Free Consultation – there are no time limits and never any obligations. As Australia’s Premium Probate Solution, we are renowned for making the process easy, fast and personal for SRAs.

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Note: The information provided is general in nature and is intended to offer an outline only. It is not comprehensive, nor does it constitute legal advice.