Probate in Australia – Simplified

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What happens to your things when you pass away?

When someone passes away, they often leave behind property, assets and sometimes debt. This is known as their ‘estate’ and it needs to be managed and finalised.

This Involves:

  • Collecting all property and assets
  • Paying any debts
  • Distributing the assets according to the Will

Where there is a valid Will, the estate is finalised by the executor, or executors where more than one is appointed. Often, this process begins with applying for Probate.

Where there is no valid Will, the deceased’s closest next-of-kin can finalise the estate. This process may involve applying for Letters of Administration.


  • There is a valid Will
  • Executor(s) named in the Will apply for the Grant
  • Executor(s) administer and finalise the estate
  • Property and Assets in the estate are distributed to those entitled under the Will

Letters Of Administration

  • No valid Will
  • Closest next-of-kin applies for the Grant
  • Next-of-kin administers and finalises estate
  • Property and Assets distributed according to the laws of intestacy


Probate is a legal process where the Supreme Court certifies that:

  • A person has passed away (the deceased).
  • The deceased left a valid Will.
  • The executor(s) named in the Will have the authority to administer and finalise the deceased’s estate.

How to apply for a grant of Probate?

There are four main ways to apply for a Grant of Probate:

  • Prepare the application yourself.
  • Engage Probate Consultants to assist with your application.
  • Instruct a lawyer to act on your behalf.
  • Authorise a Trustee Company to act as the executor.

There are pros and cons to each option and finding the best way to apply is an important decision for executors.

Supreme Court
Of Victoria Website

“Currently, about 95 percent of applications are filed by solicitors or Trustee Companies, but, in many instances, applying for a grant is often a straightforward procedure.”

Probate Consultants specialise exclusively in applications for Probate and Letters of Administration – it is all we do. We ensure applications are granted the first time and guarantee the fastest approval times in the industry. This is why we are the highest rated Probate service in Australia with a 5-Star Google Rating and 100% success rate.

Read our article “Why choose Probate Consultants instead of Probate Lawyers” for more information about why we are the best option for many executors needing Probate in Australia.

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How much does Probate cost?

The cost involved in applying for a Grant of Probate depends on:

  • How you decide to apply
    1. Yourself
    2. Solicitor
    3. Probate Consultants
  • Which State or Territory you apply in
    1. States and Territories around Australia have different Filing Fee structures and some require an Advertisement to be published which adds to the cost.

Applying Yourself

If you were to apply yourself, without engaging a solicitor or using Probate Consultants, you would pay the following:


There is no standard cost that solicitors charge for preparing Probate applications. Fees vary from practitioner to practitioner and practice to practice.
When considering a price quote from a Solicitor, ensure the following has been included to avoid any surprises in the final bill:

  • GST
  • Costs & Disbursements
    1. Advertisement Fee
    2. Filing Fee
    3. Other

Often lawyers will provide a quote for their professional fee only, excluding any GST or the administrative costs involved. This can add hundreds of dollars to the final bill.

Probate Consultants

Probate Consultants make applying for Probate Fast, Affordable & Easy. We are Australia’s #1 Probate Service with the lowest Fixed-Fee.

We provide all Australians the same Fixed-Fee regardless of the value of the estate. You have complete certainty over the total out-of-pocket cost involved in obtaining Probate from the beginning – no surprises.

The total cost involved in applying for Probate includes:

  • Our Fixed-Fee: $995 + GST
  • Advertisement Fee (VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT)
  • Supreme Court Filing Fee
  • Postage

What do you need in order to start a Probate application?

The following documents are needed in order to apply for Probate:


  • Valid Will


  • Death Certificate


Current documents relating to the deceased’s estate:

  • Property & Assets
  • Debts & Liabilities

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How long does it take to obtain a grant of Probate?

Probate Consultants guarantee the fastest possible turn-around times for your application. These timeframes are longer than usual due to COVID-19.