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Probate and Letters Of Administration VIC | Probate Consultants

Probate Consultants is a simple and cost-effective way for Victorian families to access specialist guidance and support for Probate applications in VIC and Letters of Administration (LOA) applications in VIC. We empower Self-Represented Applicants (SRAs) to obtain Grants of Probate and LOA by providing a seamless application experience that makes the process Fast, Affordable, and Easy.

We understand that for most families in Victoria applying for Probate and Letters of Administration is part of the grieving process. It involves gaining access to a loved one’s estate so that their final gift can be given to those who mattered most.

With over 4 years of experience and remarkable results in assisting SRAs, Probate Consultants is Australia’s Premium Probate Solution with affordable Fixed-Fees and Fast approval times.

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Applying for Probate and Letters of Administration in Victoria

In general, applying for Probate in VIC and Letters of Administration in VIC involves the following steps:

Step 1

Advertising your intention to apply.

Step 2

Drafting the Application.

Step 3

Preparing all supporting documents (‘Exhibits’).

Step 4

Lodging the application on RedCrest- Probate (This can only be done once the advertisement has been published for 14 clear days).

This process can be overwhelming and confusing, which is why we offer a simple and straightforward Probate and Letters of Administration solution for SRAs in VIC. At Probate Consultants, we believe that specialist guidance and support should be available to everyone – without complicated jargon, lengthy timeframes and high costs.

Probate powered by AI

Apply for Probate & Letters of Administration effortlessly with
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$1,888 inc GST: Conventional Applications
$2,288 inc GST: Complex Applications

+ Court Fees

What You Get:

  • Consultation with a genuine Probate Specialist
  • Seamless application powered by AI
  • Guided document signing and lodgement
  • Support with Court questions
  • Grants of Probate & LOA received fast
  • Ongoing support and guidance after Probate / LOA granted


Probate and LOA granted fast with our streamlined application process.


Affordable Fees that are transparent and completely fixed, regardless of the value of the estate.


Ease is personal so we tailor the application process to your needs ensuring a seamless experience start to finish.

Probate Applications in VIC consist of the following documents:

  • Originating Motion
  • Advertisement
  • Affidavit of Executor
  • Exhibit ‘A’ – Certified copy of Death Registration
  • Exhibit ‘B’ – Original Will with Exhibit Note
  • Exhibit ‘C’ – Inventory of Assets and Liabilities
  • Any Supplementary Affidavits or Documents

Probate applications in VIC are lodged electronically on RedCrest – Probate. Applications can be lodged once 14 days have passed since the publication of the Advertisement.

Probate in VIC is usually granted in 18 – 30 days. If, however, there is an issue with the application, the Court will raise a requisition that must be answered before the Grant of Probate is issued.

If you are looking for assistance with applying for Probate in Victoria as an SRA, or would like some information about the application process, book in a Free Consultation via telephone or video call. There are no timers and never any obligations.

Fast, Affordable & Easy – why choose Probate Consultants in VIC?

Probate Consultants was founded in Victoria and is now Australia’s highest-rated Probate solution. We offer all Victorians who align with the SRA pathway friendly yet professional support and guidance with applications for Probate and Letters of Administration.

We understand the emotions, challenges and difficulties faced when a loved one has passed away. The last thing you want to experience is an overly complicated, inconvenient and rigid application process.

It’s for this very reason that we strive to provide a streamlined, innovative, and hassle-free approach to Applications for Probate in VIC and Letters of Administration in VIC for SRAs.

Our Co-Founders Thomas and Naomi Torcello reimagined the application journey for SRAs guaranteeing a client experience that is not only streamlined but deeply personal and supportive.

Thomas understood first-hand the challenges people in Melbourne face when required to apply for Probate and Letters of Administration when his Grandfather passed away. He was profoundly affected at seeing his grandmother struggle with high fees, lack of transparency and a jargon-heavy process. This deeply personal experience gave birth to the vision of Probate Consultants and the values upon which the business is founded.

The Probate Consultants difference –
Care translated into Action

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Note: The information provided is general in nature and is intended to offer an outline only. It is not comprehensive, nor does it constitute legal advice.