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Australia’s top-rated solution, powered by ZEUS AI

$1,888 inc GST: Conventional Applications
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What You Get:

  • Consultation with a Probate Specialist
  • Seamless application powered by AI
  • Guided document signing and lodgement
  • Support with Court questions
  • Grants of Probate & LOA received fast
  • Ongoing support and guidance after Probate / LOA granted


Probate and LOA granted fast with our streamlined application process.


Affordable Fees that are transparent and completely fixed, regardless of the value of the estate.


Ease is personal so we tailor the application process to your needs ensuring a seamless experience start to finish.


Probate validates a Will through a Supreme Court application, granting access to a loved one’s estate – their final gift.

We are dedicated to providing accessible, current information about Probate for all navigating this deeply personal process.

Probate Consultants

Probate Consultants empowers self-represented applicants to apply for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration (LOA) by providing specialist guidance and support.

We are Australia’s Premium Probate Solution, enhanced by ZEUS AI to make the process faster, more affordable, and easier than ever.

Meet The Co-Founders

Thomas is an entrepreneur and business consultant. He graduated from Monash University with a Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Arts and obtained a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice…

Naomi is a highly experienced Sales & Business Development Manager, who has spent 9 years working within the Commercial Lending and Financial Services industry …

Application Process

We Streamlined The Application Process Into Four Easy Steps:


Free Consultation with a Probate expert - Telephone or Video Call.


Seamless application powered by AI.


Application completed & witnessed.


Application lodged with the Supreme Court.

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Free Consultation

Arrange a Free Consultation with a Probate Specialist. There are no time limits and never any obligations. Book a time that works best for you.

Wherever you are in the world, Probate Consultants can assist you in applying for Probate and Letters of Administration. We are Australia’s top-rated solution with affordable Fixed-Fees and Fast approval times.


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