Why choose Probate Consultants instead of Probate Lawyers?

The Ultimate Guide

When you need to obtain a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration, finding the most relevant, up-to-date information from a reliable source is crucial. At a time that can be stressful and emotional, it makes all the difference to find a service that’s affordable, efficient, straightforward and trustworthy.

So, why should you choose Probate Consultants over Probate Lawyers?

Efficient Expertise

When you decide to work with Probate Consultants, we guarantee the fastest possible approval times for all applications. Our streamlined process and proficiency at getting applications granted means that you never have to experience unnecessary delays.

We built our service to expertly focus on straightforward applications for Probate and Letters of Administration, so we are able to cut through much of the red tape, policies and procedures that come with running a legal practice. Probate Lawyers are great for complex applications that require legal advice – but most people don’t need that.

One of the many reasons Probate Consultants is the highest rated Probate and Letters of Administration service is because this is all we do. Probate Lawyers often deal with Wills, estate planning, property law and litigation for contested Probate matters. With our singular focus on Probate and Letters of Administration, we are the experts at getting applications approved in the fastest possible time and making the process easy, efficient and seamless.

Why can Probate Consultants deliver such quick turnaround times compared to probate lawyers?

It all comes down to our innovative application process designed for speed, ease and efficiency. Our bespoke approach to your application means that we tailor our process to suit your unique needs.

Same-Day Advertisment 
We advertise your application the same day that we receive all of the required documentation and information. This starts the 14-day Advertisement period immediately, allowing us to lodge the application as soon as possible. In WA and SA there is no advertisement period, making the lodgement process even quicker.

Industry-Leading Turnaround
Our industry-leading 24-hour turnaround time means that your application documents are ready the next day. Typically, with Probate Lawyers, this turnaround time is between 7 days and 8 weeks.

At Probate Consultants we’re incredibly proud of our efficient turnaround times that go hand-in-hand with our affordable, high-quality service.


When you choose to work with Probate Consultants instead of a Probate Lawyer, you’ll only have to pay one, fixed fee. You will never have to pay more – no matter how complicated the application becomes.

Extra fees are often charged by Probate Lawyers when applications are requisitioned by the Court. This means the Court has questions about the application and requires answers, often by way of Affidavit evidence. Compiling this evidence can take significant time and extra work, but we never charge extra for this.

The total cost involved in applying for Probate or Letters of Administration includes:

  • Our Fixed-Fee: $995 + GST
  • Advertisement Fee (VIC, NSW, QLD, ACT)
  • Supreme Court Filing Fee
  • Postage

Often, Probate Lawyers will quote their professional fee-only, excluding GST and Court costs. You may also be charged extra for telephone calls, emails and other correspondence which can add hundreds of dollars to your final bill.

At Probate Consultants you have unlimited direct contact with your dedicated consultant. This doesn’t end when your application for Probate or Letters of Administration is granted. We are here to support and guide you even after you receive the Grant at no extra cost.


At Probate Consultants we have a straightforward, streamlined application process that makes obtaining Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration quick and simple.

We consult you through the application process rather than acting on your behalf and giving you legal advice, which is what Probate Lawyers do. By providing legal advice, and acting for you, Probate Lawyers have to comply with heavy regulations and strict legal requirements. This creates a lot of red tape which slows down the application process, makes it more cumbersome and limits a seamless client experience.

Our Co-Founders created a consultancy to revolutionise the way Australian families apply for Probate and Letters of Administration. Their aim was to offer a truly personal and bespoke service that delivers the same outcome. When you choose Probate Consultants, you’ll experience our streamlined application process, which we’ve broken down into four easy steps:

  • Speak with one of our dedicated consultants over the phone or via video call.
  • Complete one, simple webform.
  • Your expert Consultant completes the application.
  • Your application is Lodged with the Supreme Court.

Our processes are constantly being refined and improved to ensure that we provide the most positive and efficient client experience possible. With the guaranteed fastest approval times in the industry, there is no uncertainty about when your Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration will be issued.

Dedicated Consultants

When you choose Probate Consultants you will only deal with one, a dedicated consultant from start to finish. Your consultant will handle your application from the initial consultation right through to your application being granted. They also provide ongoing support and guidance whenever you need it.

Your dedicated consultant will be your only point of contact throughout the entire application process. They understand your situation completely and are with you every step of the way. This personal, one-to-one experience includes direct contact with your consultant, which means never having to call reception and leave a message. We also have a firm ‘Sundown Rule’ which guarantee same-day responses to all calls and emails.

When dealing with Probate Lawyers you may have many points of contact. This could include:

  • The principal or senior lawyer overseeing your matter.
  • The junior lawyer or clerk who is completing your application and preparing all documents.
  • The receptionist taking your calls and managing any enquiries.

Typically, you will have no direct phone contact with the person you initially spoke to, and high wait times for call-backs and responses to emails are common. You may also be charged extra for this.


When searching for service providers in this area, always be sure to check which company or law firm is actually doing your Probate or Letters of Administration application.

Many websites offering free quotes and free consultations do not actually provide the service and will not be completing your application. They pass on your information to a third party who operates a separate business and get paid for the referral. Other companies only offer Probate and Letters of Administration services through a partnership with a law firm, with their main business being in a completely different industry. Some sites are not real companies at all and are set up by law firms just to get leads, confusing consumers into thinking there are more options in the market.

We know that applying for Probate and Letters of Administration is deeply personal, so transparency is key. At Probate Consultants you always know who you are dealing with and that we specialise exclusively in Probate and Letters of Administration applications.

We complete our own applications and our expert team does all the work. This means no referrals, affiliations or partnerships with third parties. You only deal with us from the start.

Meet the people who started Probate Consultants here.

Five-star reviews

We’re proud of being the highest-rated online Probate Service – with a five-star Google rating from over 160 client reviews.

Reviews for companies offering Probate and Letters of Administration are often about other services they offer, such as Wills, Property Law, Family Law and Commercial Law. Every single one of our reviews is about our proficiency at Probate and Letters of Administration applications because that is the only service we offer – making us genuine experts at what we do. Read all our reviews here.

“Probate Consultants are amazing. So glad that I used them! It saved me a lot of money and they made the process easy. Thanks again!”
Colin MacEwan
– May 2021

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At Probate Consultants, we assess the needs of each client and then tailor the application process to offer a truly personal and bespoke experience. We complete applications in 24-hours and guarantee the fastest approval times in the industry. You will only ever deal with one, dedicated consultant at Probate Consultants ensuring that you feel heard and understood every step of the way.

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