Probate in New South Wales (NSW):
Understanding the Essentials

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Probate of a Will in NSW is a legal process where the Supreme Court certifies that:


  • A person has passed away (the deceased)
  • The deceased left a valid Will
  • The executor(s) named in the Will have the authority to administer and finalise the deceased’s estate (assets & debt)

Probate is not always required in NSW and is not mandatory anywhere in Australia. Executors are appointed by the Will and this document confers the authority to deal with the deceased person’s assets.

A Grant of Probate is only required in New South Wales when asset holders and other institutions request it. This important legal document proves to these entities that the Will of the deceased has been proven to the Supreme Court and the executors are authorised to finalise their estate.

This guide provides practical information on when Probate is required in NSW and aims to demystify the application process.

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When is Probate required in New South Wales (NSW) ?

Probate is required in NSW when an asset holder (Bank, Aged Care facility, Share Registry) or other institution (ATO, Centrelink) requests that an Executor produce a Grant of Probate before they are allowed to access the estate of a deceased person.

Asset holders have clearly defined policies as to when Probate is required in New South Wales. These policies are informed by a number of factors including:

  1. The type of asset
  2. Its value
  3. How it was owned

Sometimes Probate is not required, and certified copies of the Death Certificate and Will suffice. It all depends upon the nature of the assets and the policies of the institutions holding or managing them.

When Probate will be required in NSW

Probate requirement in new south wales

Executors will need a Grant of Probate in the following situations:

  • Seeking the refund of an Accommodation Bond (RAD) from an aged care facility.
  • Transferring title of real estate that was held solely by the deceased, or as tenants in common.
  • Accessing funds in a bank account over a certain value, usually $50,000.
  • Dealing with a shareholding over a certain value, usually $50,000.
  • Accessing Superannuation that is payable to the estate.

Probate is also necessary to perform other duties in relation to finalising a deceased person’s estate, including making contact with the ATO regarding tax returns or dealing with liabilities such as mortgages.

How can an Executor of a Will determine when Probate is required in NSW?

An executor can determine whether Probate is required in NSW by:

  1. Contacting the relevant asset holders or institutions and asking whether they require a Grant of Probate before allowing access to the deceased’s estate.
    • If there are minimal assets, executors may only need to produce a certified copy of the Will and death certificate.
  2. Getting in touch with Probate Consultants for a Free Consultation.
  3. Speaking with a Probate lawyer.
Guide on when probate is needed for will executors in NSW

How can an Executor apply for a Grant of Probate in New South Wales (NSW)?

There are four main ways for an Executor apply for a Grant of Probate:

  1. Complete the application themselves as a Self-Represented Applicant (SRA).
  2. Apply as an SRA with guidance from Probate Consultants.
  3. Engage a Probate Lawyer in NSW.
  4. Authorise a Trustee Company to act as the executor.

There are pros and cons to each option and finding the best way to apply is an important decision for executors.

Applying for Probate in New South Wales

Generally speaking, obtaining a Grant of Probate in NSW involves the following steps.

Step 1

Collecting the necessary documents and information for the application.

Step 2

Completing the application online via the Supreme Court’s Probate Platform.

Step 3

Signing the application documents with a Qualified Witness (ie Justice of the Peace).

Step 4

Lodging the application with the Supreme Court of NSW.

  • The Probate Notice (advertisement) is automatically published when the application is lodged online
  • The Court will only review the application once the Probate Notice has been published for at least 14 days

If Probate is required in NSW, you will need the following documents to apply:

  1. Original Will
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Current documents relating to the deceased person’s estate
    • Property and Assets
    • Debts & Liabilities
key documents for probate in nsw

Probate Timeline in NSW

Once an application for Probate is lodged with the Supreme Court of NSW, it is reviewed within 10-12 weeks. This timeframe includes the mandatory 14-day advertisement period.

If the application is approved, the Grant of Probate is issued immediately and is accessible online via the Court’s Probate Platform. If, however, there is an issue with the application, the Court will raise a requisition that must be answered before Probate is granted.

Read our blog “How Long Does Probate Take in NSW?” for more information.

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probate timeline in new south wales

Probate Costs in New South Wales

The cost of Probate in NSW depends upon two main factors:

  1. The gross value of the deceased’s assets in NSW
  2. The way you choose to apply
    • Yourself as a self-represented applicant (SRA)
    • SRA supported by Probate Consultants
    • Probate Solicitor

No matter how you choose to apply for Probate in NSW, the following Court Fees are payable by all applicants:

  1. Advertisement Fee – $53
  2. Filing Fee – $0 – $6,652
    • This Fee is determined by the gross value of assets located in New South Wales
probate cost in new south wales

If you apply as an SRA, there are no other costs involved in the Probate application. If you require professional support, you will pay the fees charged by the service provider.

Probate Consultants empower SRAs to apply for Grants of Probate by providing specialist guidance and support. We charge $1,888 inc GST for Conventional Probate applications and $2,288 inc GST for Complex ones.

Learn more about Probate Costs in NSW by reading our blog:

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When is Probate not required in NSW?

Probate is not required in NSW where:

  • The deceased’s estate is considered small and falls below the Probate thresholds of the relevant asset holders and institutions
  • The deceased owned assets jointly
  • There is a binding nomination (Super & Life Insurance)
  • There is no Will

Read our blog “How to Avoid Probate in Australia?” for detailed information about each of these points.


Whilst Probate is not always required in NSW, most executors will need to apply for it when a loved one passes away leaving property, assets and/or debt. This is because asset holders and other institutions require evidence of who is authorised to administer the deceased person’s estate.

Asset holders have clearly defined policies regarding when Probate is required. These policies are informed by a number of factors including:

  • The type of asset
  • Its value
  • How it was owned

If Probate is required in New South Wales, executors make an application through the Supreme Court and receive a Grant of Probate if successful. There are four main ways to apply for Probate and deciding which pathway to take is crucial, affecting the costs, timeline and experience of everyone involved.

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